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Over the past year I've been painting lots of things in my house blue cause, who doesn't love blue?!

I have one blue accent wall and now I'm adding in some blue furniture.  Check out our Ikea bench!  We purchased it unfinished and now that it's painted I want to keep it forever.

Ikea Bench Painted Blue

I dreamed up a fun bathroom storage idea when I was walking through Home Depot one day.  I saw some unfinished wooden crates and I could just see them as shelves in my half bath above the toilet. We currently had no storage in that bathroom. So away I went with the blue paint. I'm lucky to have a handy husband to help me mount these babies on the wall!

I found some cool wire baskets at the thrift store and added my framed floral sunburst painting.

Blue Wooded Crate Storage
Blue Wooded Crate Storage

And here are a couple more of my painted thrift finds.  Thrifted frames are the best!  They take work, but they are soooooooo much cheaper that way and you can paint them any color you want.  

I framed my Orange Globemallow painting and....

Blue Thrift Store Frames

My colorful leaves painting for the guest room!

Watercolor Leaf painting in Blue Frame

What's your favorite decorating color?


  1. Love it! I've been thinking a lot of using crates around the home and this idea is just fabulous! The color is amazing!

    1. Thanks! How are you using your crates? I love those things and want more in my house!

  2. I really like your bathroom crates too. Great idea! Our downstairs has a lot of golden yellow. It brings the sunshine in on all of our gray days up here!

    1. Yes, yellow is good for that! I never liked that color until recently :)

  3. Would you mind sharing the paint color you used for the crate? It's a lovely soothing color. Might work for my bathroom!


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