New Pink Cactus Paintings

 I have new cactus paintings in up in my shop today! You can check them out here: Pink Cactus Paintings

Pink Watercolor Cactus Painting by Elise Engh
I grew up in Arizona - not the part with saguaro cactus- the high desert part. We had prickly pear cactus and yucca there and I never saw bright pink cactus either, but it's been fun to pretend that cactus could be this color! I have loved painting this small series of colorful cactus art! I'm inspired by warm colors right now - maybe it's because it's getting cold here in Utah :)

12x16 original watercolor cactus painting

Original Watercolor Cactus in pink

Original Watercolor Cactus Art

Photos of the Week

Ok, it's pretty much been forever since I posted any photography, but I wanted to share some today!  My flowers are like my children.  I'm always looking after them, making sure they get what they need.  Then I get to stand back and watch them flourish.  It's so satisfying to grow things!  

Pink Cosmos Flowers
Rose of Sharon
Pink RosesPink Zinnia Flower

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscapes


New Abstract Landscapes!

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscapes by Elise Engh

I have loved every minute of painting these watercolor landscapes.  I normally don't do a lot of abstract work, but it was much needed at this time in my life and in this crazy year that we call 2020.  

Abstract painting has a way of calming me down and helping me feel peace.  I think it's the beauty of watching watery paints blend and mix on paper that really gets me to stop and just be in the moment and really appreciate the beauty of color and art.  I go to my art room at the end of a long day and create these green landscapes from my imagination.  They don't reference anywhere that I have actually been and I love that about them. They transport me to somewhere magical! It's such a peaceful wonderful feeling.  I will be creating more of these because I love the process of creating them so so much.

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh
8x10 abstract landscape #2

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh
8x10 Abstract Landscape #4

Green Abstract Watercolor Landscape by Elise Engh

Watercolor Sketches from my Travels

Hi there! My little family ventured out on a trip recently and it felt soooo great! It wasn't quite as carefree with wearing masks everywhere and social distancing, but being on the beach is good for my spirit. So it was worth it!

I brought along my travel watercolor paint set so I could sketch during my daughter's nap times.  I painted some pretty orange flowers in the yard of our air bnb and then I painted the coastline one sunny afternoon! 

beach scene watercolor sketch

By the way, If you're ever in La Jolla, CA- check out the tide pools!