Watercolor Therapy

Watercolor Pear Painting

I have turned into a craft-aholic lately.  Its tons of fun and easy to do while taking care of a 19 month old.  You can start a project, go change a diaper and come back to the project easily.  But I miss making actual fine art.  Fine art requires a big chunk of time with no interruptions.  That's harder to do.  So the other night after the baby was in bed, I pulled out my trusty old watercolors.  It was therapeutic really.  Making art can be sooooo relaxing.
Even if nothing you paint is realistic, just slop some watercolors on the paper and watch them mix.  This never fails to make me happy!

Abstract Watercolor Painting

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  1. Oh, we're SO different! Arts and crafts of any kind stress me out because they're so hard for me. I'm glad they're relaxing for you though. Your pear is beautiful.


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