My favorite artist

Vincent Van Gogh

Ok, I need to take a break from all the craftiness.  I miss fine art.  I've been working on photographing my artwork this summer and I came across some Van Gogh studies I did a few years ago when I was student teaching.  Van Gogh is definitely my favorite artist.  His paintings have so much feeling and movement.  They are captivating.

 Study in tempera paint- who would have thought you could get a Van Gogh effect with tempera paint?!

Van Gogh Irises Study

Studies in oil pastels

And a study of my favorite Van Gogh painting "Irises".  I did this with acrylic paints on a canvas board.  This was really fun to do.  I have to try a Van Gogh study in oils someday.

Pollyanna Party

Japanese Lanterns

I attended my first ever Pollyanna Party on Monday night!  


If you haven't seen the old Disney movie, Pollyanna, you have got to go rent it.  This movie is amazing!  The main message is about love and they just don't make movies that wholesome anymore.  In the movie, there is a big party ( or bazaar as they call it) and there is lots of food and games going on.  The coolest part is the Japanese lanterns hung all around.

So... we re-created the scene of the movie, by hanging up our own Japanese lanterns around my inlaws' deck.  The lanterns were gorgeous.  I plan to either make some of these or buy them in the future to create a tradition of Pollyanna parties with my own family.

  Japanese Lanterns