Photo of the week


This photo was taken by my sister Lindsey. I've always loved this one.  So beautiful and it reminds me of home.

Watercolor flower #2

Another watercolor experiment.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.  This was really fun to do. I've been having a hard week, so it helps to paint. It relaxes and calms me.

purple flower watercolor

Toddler Table Make-Over

We have needed a little table for my almost-two-year-old to use for a while.  We found some cute ones at Ikea and opted to buy an unfinished set because it was a lot cheaper.  I was just going to stain it, but then decided to paint some designs on it first. I made stencils for the elephants and birds.  The leaf designs I found a stencil for in a really old book from the 70's.   

So this is a look at the table after I finished painting the designs with acrylics. 


Next, I applied 3 coats of Polycrylic  finish, sanding in between coats.  I chose this water-based finish because its safe to use over acrylics. 

Here's how the table looks now- all painted and protected and ready for my son to make messes on.

Eric Doodle

This is sketch I made of my husband, Eric on his I-Pod Touch.  I just happened to come across it today.  I had completely forgotten that we had saved it to the computer! We have so many files on our computer that things end up lost and forgotten in some weird folder that I never look in.  Anyway... enjoy a look at what Eric would look like as a cartoon! :)