Hard and Fuzzy Friends

My son got into my craft stuff last week and we ended up making some cute little friends for him.  Googly eyes can make just about anything cute!

pom pom caterpillar

Fall Decorations

acorns in a jar

This week I've been decorating for fall!  Better late than never, huh?!  Not having money to spend on new decorations meant I had to get a little creative and use some things I already had.

Acorns and Pine cones are great to decorate with.  I went around my apartment complex and collected tons of them for free!

I  also used some old fake leaves to make some hanging garlands for my window.

leaf garland

I'm all set for fall, now on to Halloween decorations!

More Flower Experiments

I saw some headbands with these cute little flowers on them at a store and then I found out how to make them at blissbloomblog and then... I had to try it!  Way easy to make! 

I used the flowers to make a headband of my own, plus a few other things.  Here's what I came up with:

Now if only I had a little girl to wear some of these!  Oh well, someday....

Printable Happy Birthday Sign

happy birthday sign

For my husband's birthday last weekend, I made a birthday sign!  I plan to re-use it for my son's birthday next month, since its laminated and should last a long time.  If you would like to make one too,  click the link below to get a free PDF file of the letters I used to make it.  Just print out your letters, cut them out with some pretty card stock, and glue and laminate- if desired.  Happy Birthday planning!

Birthday Sign PDF

happy birthday sign