Printable Alphabet

Large Printable Alphabet

Today I'm sharing a free printable alphabet!  I just printed this out on card stock and laminated it.  It involved TONs of cutting (especially because I doubled up on the paper to make it thick enough), but my son absolutely loves it!  So, to make your own, just click on the link below, print it out, and start cutting.  Enjoy!

Portrait Sketch

Pencil Portrait Sketch

Here's a sketch I made of my son.  The plan is to turn this into an oil painting.  I started it about two weeks ago, worked on it for an hour, and haven't had the energy to work on it since then.  I'm discovering how hard it is to paint a portrait.  Its so much easier to draw one, especially if you're just dealing with black and white.  So, it will be a while before its done :)


Hey guys! I'm still here!

My doctor gave me no hint as to how sore I would be after those shots, so I was totally unprepared for the pain that has kept me in bed most of the week.  I haven't made anything this week and I'm missing being in my creative element.  Hopefully, this soreness will wear off soon so I can get back to making stuff!

In the meantime, here's a card I made last week.  You may be tiring of reading my raves over patterned packing tape, but let me just say that it is one of the most genius creations ever made!

flower card