Abstract Art

 My post today is dedicated to abstract art.  I may get a little philosophical here, so bear with me.

 Lots of people think abstract art is just nonsense and wonder how artists can sell this stuff for thousands of $ when it looks like a 2 year old could make it.  I heartily agree that some abstract art is totally bogus like Yves Klein's Blue.

He had a reason for making this plain blue painting, but seriously?  The meaning is completely lost on the viewers, so in my opinion, this artwork is pointless. 

However, there are some abstract works that I find captivating and actually beautiful.  The value of this work isn't in the technical skill, but in the way that it makes you feel.  I find these captivating because of the fact that pure colors and lines can make you feel something.

So here are my experiments in abstract painting.  Painting these turned out to be so therapeutic :)

abstract oil painting

abstract watercolor painting

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  1. I LOVE your art tutorials. My husband and I are in Baghdad for a year and I bought him some paints and paint supplies for Christmas to help pass the time. We both love the outlet but have no idea what we're doing. Can you give us any more tutorials or instruction on how to do the kind of beautiful work you did above? Thank you! Shauri


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