Portrait of Helen

This portrait is of the character Helen in Charlotte Bronte's novel "Jane Eyre"- my absolute most favorite novel of all time.  I think I'm a little obsessed with this story- do I dare admit that I've read it at least 8 times in addition to watching at least 3 different movie versions?!

I can't help it.  I connect with the main character all too well.  And of course the love story is compelling.

Last week I was watching a newer version on Netflix.  I got to the part in the movie where Jane is drawing a portrait of her friend Helen in their cold and brutal boarding school and I just had to draw the same portrait-cheesy, I know :)  I actually cried later on in the movie when the school master see's Helen's hair and cuts it off because he thinks she is being vain by having red curly hair.  In this movie, I can't remember if this happens in the book, but Jane proves herself a true friend and has her hair cut off too.  Aaah, such a good story!

Well, I am off to California at the end of this week!  Yes! One whole week of the beach, sunshine, and my husband- can't wait!


  1. I didn't know you were such a Jane Eyre fanatic! I like it too, but not that much. Did you like the new movie? Have fun in CA!

  2. this is very beautiful the innocence on the face is amazing


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