Toddler Chairs Make-Over and ........ I'm having surgery

 So, about a year ago ( has it been that long already?- geez!)  I set out to decorate the unfinished table and chairs we bought at Ikea for my son.  I finished the table right away, but the chairs... well let's just say I was lacking motivation.  So now, tada! I got down to it and finished the chairs- finally!

They didn't take nearly as much work as the table either.  I just used some of the elements from the table on the the chairs.  I could have done this a looooooong time ago.  I'm so glad that we now have a matching set.

Well, guys....just want to let you know I may not be posting as much for the next month or so.  I'm going in for some back surgery in two days- yikes! I really have no idea how I will feel after or how long it will take me to recover.   This has been a long time coming and I'm happy to see if this will finally be the thing that will relieve my pain.  So, wish me luck! 


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