Welcome to paradise

 Well, I'm done with my back surgery and resting at home. Don't get me wrong, that is not the paradise I'm talking about- that part will come later- hehe!   The surgery went well and I'm healing just fine.  I have a lot of extra time on my hands since my little boy is in AZ visiting his grandparents while I rest and heal.

I definitely need the rest, but man, it can get really boring just laying around all day.   Good thing I feel well enough to get on the computer once in a while!  I have some blogging to catch up on :)

 So, the picture below is what I mean about paradise, also known as Red Butte Gardens here in Utah.  I visited it last week (before my surgery) with my fam and seriously, this picture looks like heaven to me!  Not all of the gardens look this heavenly, but really, this place is amazing.

My handsome husband and son at the gardens-  I miss my little boy like crazy!

This is probably the coolest public water fountain I have ever seen!

The children's garden must have had some kind of art education week- check out the paint palette...

and the paintbrush!

If I was still teaching art, I would have taken my class here for sure! There was even a poster out about my favorite artist- love this!

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  1. We'll definitely have to visit there next time we make it to Utah. Maybe next summer... So pretty.


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