Felt Ghost and Spider Templates

Felt Ghosts
 Last year I came up with these easy and inexpensive Halloween decorations- little ghosts and spiders made of felt.  The ghosts I hang in the window and the spiders I stick to the wall.

I got these out yesterday to start my Halloween decorating and decided that I needed some more.  Well, I didn't save the drawings I used to make these from last year, so I decided to draw them up again and share the templates with you!

Yay!  Free stuff is good!  So just click on the link below to get a PDF template to make your own felt ghosts and spiders.

Felt Spiders and Ghosts Template

Felt Spiders
Felt Spiders


  1. These are so cute. Thanks so much for sharing the template! My girls saw it on my screen and said "ooohhh!" I'm sure we will be making some (and maybe they could even use it as a coloring page as well).

    And thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I am loving your blog. Your watercolors are so pretty. Have a great day!

  2. Wow, that's a nice one... Halloween is not celebrated but then taking cue from your post guess I would love to some less spooky fun stuff.

    And how did you manage that pdf download ? I would love to do that for some of my DIY posts... Makes it nice if I can offer it in a downloadable format.

    Somu (woodooz.blogspot.com)