Gourd Party

Last weekend, my little family and I had a gourd painting party! Ya!  We have tons of old birdhouse gourds from my in-laws just sitting around on porch. I took care of a few of them by making Spooky Gourds, but it was time to do something about the rest :)

My son had a great time with the paint! His gourd is more of a camouflage style.  He loves it so much that he would only let me take a picture of it if he was holding it.  

I decided to go all out with mine and try something more decorative.  It took me forever, but the gold acrylic paint looks awesome on these gourds. 

My husband got creative with nature on his-  he's not a bad artist for a computer guy, eh?


  1. Cute! How fun to get your whole family involved in your art. Your's turned out beautiful!

  2. wow! great idea, and i love the painte leaf one!

  3. I am totally in love with the grass and sky gourd


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