Sketches of the litte guy

Here are a few sketches of the little guy I spend all day with- everyday!   I've been sketching from photos of him to get in some drawing practice and man am I out of practice- yikes!   Back in my college days when I was taking figure drawing classes, this would have been much easier.

I got a little frustrated with this drawing here below.  It is easy for me to draw a person, but it is soooooo hard to actually make the drawing look like them.  This has some resemblance to my son, but there is something about the eyes that makes him look different.  I  admire any artist who can really capture a person as they are. 


  1. Those are really good! I believe you though that it's super hard to make a drawing look like a specific person. Certainly, my stick drawing don't resemble Spencer very much. :)

  2. What amazing detail! You are a fabulous artist.


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