Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Watercolor Landscapes

Well, I'm back to blogging after taking a nice little break for Christmas.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I was going to share the most recent birdhouse gourd I painted for someone for Christmas, but I didn't finish it until Christmas Eve and forgot to take pictures before I gave it away- sigh.  This gourd was the hardest one to paint.  It was a prairie scene with a windmill and trees.  I had such a hard time getting it done, but I finished it and was happy... until the person it was being given to decided not to join us for Christmas.  That was disappointing.  So the gourd was left there and I still don't know if it is liked or appreciated so I think I'm taking a break from gourd painting for a while.

So... onto happier things..... watercolor landscapes! These three scenes I painted years ago: two while I was in college and the other while my husband was still in college.  I have all three hanging up in my bedroom and they never cease to bring me joy :)


  1. Lovely work Elise! I particularly like the first.


  2. Pretty! I like the last one. Are they scenes from CA? Stinky about your gourd. I would have liked to see the pic. I'm sure it was fabulous and whoever you gave it to would be crazy not to love it.


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