When I see fruit

 When I see fruit... my first thought is not to eat it (although I love fruit).  My first thought is to paint it!
Call me weird, but I actually pick through the pears at the grocery store to find the ones with the best shapes and colors.  And then once I get them home, I don't want to eat them right away.  I've had many pears go almost rotten because I didn't want to eat them until I had painted them.  I guess I'm hopeless.  I think about painting stuff A LOT.  It's my passion!

So enjoy more delicious fruit paintings by me :)

My first attempt at painting an orange in watercolor....

watercolor orange

And yet another pear... I think I've painted at least 10 of these now.

watercolor pear


  1. If not eating fruit produces beautiful art like that then I think a few rotten fruits are worth it and hey, you can always compost them or put them on the soil somewhere to rot down. Good for your art and good for the soil! Suzy x

  2. Ha! You are officially weird Elise! j/k. My first thoughts of fruit (and ANY other food) are definitely about eating it. I agree with the other comment though. Your weirdness does create beautiful art! :)

  3. Wow, you are so talented! I'm heading to your shop next.

  4. Very beautiful. Your colors are warm and yet vibrant!

  5. I do the same with fruit! I also love peppers ( never eat them) and asparagus , for painting. Found you through etsy blog, nice work!

  6. You are so talented! I love the orange.

  7. So Pretty! I just love working with watercolors.

  8. I hear ya...I just bought some great looking bartlet pears so I could make a still life to copy in my water mixable oils that I love now. I realized that I was sort of hiding them from my 13 yr old son so he wouldnt eat one yet Am I crazy or just obsessed. No...I have a son that eats a lot!

    - KAT -


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