Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Butterfly

I finished another butterfly painting, making three of them in all!  I'm still planning to paint more.  They look good as a series and they are fun to paint :) 

I just listed this one in my Etsy Shop along with the others.... click here to see them all. 

If no one ends up buying them, I'll be giving them away as gifts or hanging them up in my own home (hopefully). We are in the process of looking for our first home at the moment and it's a crazy, exciting, and stressful process.  But I can't wait to finally have our own space to decorate and customize as we please!


  1. They are beautiful butterflies. Good luck with the home hunt, apart from all the stress, very exciting!

  2. So pretty! House hunting is so exciting. I hope you enjoy the process.

  3. Its beautiful. I think they would look great as a set. You could also make note cards.

  4. These are beautiful! I'm a pretty new follower and love your work! I just nominated you for a Leibster Blog Award. Come visit me to check it out!

  5. Lovely Painting !! visiting via Craftionary

  6. They're very beautiful!
    And I agree with Janice, you could make cute note cards :)

    -Jordan over at

  7. This is beautiful. I love butterflies.

  8. your butterflies are exquisite!
    Good luck with the house hunting - I hope you get somewhere fab!

  9. Beautiful! I see similar butterflies in my yard each summer. You don't have to wait for summer to enjoy their beauty! :)


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