Valentine Goodies: Bookmarks

I've had all these left over scraps of watercolor paper laying around and up until last night, I had no idea what to do with them.  But, being the saver of junk that I am, I kept those lovely little papers knowing they would come in handy one day..... and they did!   Take a look....

......bookmarks made with stamps, colored pencil, colored paper, and ink on watercolor paper!  I even laminated them using packing tape. 

 I know that good old fashioned bookmarks may be becoming extinct since the birth of e-readers and tablets, but I still like them.  I use my husband's kindle every once in a while, but I  will never give up reading physical books and using physical bookmarks.  There's something satisfying about handling an actual book and turning actual pages.


  1. Those are cute! I agree with you on real vs. electronic books. Although I've never even tried reading an electronic one. :)

  2. real books will NEVER become extinct for me so I love a good book mark! just darling!

  3. I love the bookmarks. A kindle can never replace a bath book. I love reading in the bath.


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