First Blossoms of Spring

While in Arizona last week, I caught the first blossoms of spring! Hooray!  They are my favorite things to look for in early spring.  I'm seriously thinking of doing some watercolors of these too.

Enjoy the photos!

PS. We will be closing on our house in a few weeks so things will be a bit crazy for me and I may not be crafting quite as much.  I'm so excited to move into my new home and start decorating it!  


  1. Those are beautiful! I missed out! You should definitely water color them. Someone gave us a painting (I have no clue what kind) of cherry blossoms from Japan. It's in our bedroom and I LOVE it.

  2. i LOVE spring! next to fall its the best season!!! so colorful and full of life. feels so good.

  3. Lovely images.I am looking forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Visiting you from Wow Us Wednesday.


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