Dyed Paper Experiments

We're busy moving into our first home over Easter weekend (Hooray!), so my son and I dyed our Easter Eggs early this year. We only colored 5 hard boiled eggs- that's plenty for my little guy. So we ended up having a lot of dye left over, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Why waste such beautiful vibrant colors? I knew there had to be something else I could use them for...... 

Hence, my dyed paper experiments. Dyeing paper is in no way a novel concept, but I had never tried it with vinegar egg dye before and it was fun! Plus I got some cool looking designs out of it!

So here's a rundown of my three experiments on plain white card stock:

1. Dripping dye on dry paper with a medicine dropper....

2. Dripping dye on wet paper with a medicine dropper.... 

3. Soaking paper, crumpling it up, and dipping it in the dye.. tie-dye style

Have a Happy Easter everyone and don't be afraid to re-use your egg dye!


  1. You can dye silk and leather with Easter egg dye too! I've never tried paper, but yours looks great.

  2. Cool idea! I would have never thought to reuse my dye.

  3. I vote for the tie dye look. That's a good use of your extra material. You could do that for a journal...invites or whatever. I may have to steal...er borrow your idea.

    from the hop

  4. What a fun experimentation! Sure beats pouring the dye down the drain. What do you plan to do with your dyed paper now?

  5. what a great use for leftovers - pretty art!

  6. This is so amusing. When my son was little, I couldn't bear to throw away the egg dye either. I can't remember what I did with it... Mostly I remember hanging on to it a long time and then reluctantly throwing it away months later. I think you could write a book on what to do with it, if you really put your mind to it. Seems like a great "free" art material, for any age that always goes to waste.


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