A Look at my Sketchbook

Well, next to unpacking, cleaning my old apartment, shopping for blinds and curtains for my new home, I managed to squeeze in a little sketching while hanging out in our backyard with my son.

I love having a back yard.... even though there are currently more dandelions in it than grass!  Oh well, they inspired this little sketch here, which I actually half-way traced and then colored in with the plants themselves.
It brought me back to my childhood days of  "painting" the sidewalk with dandelions :)

And here are a few other sketches of said dandelions and some other plants.....


  1. You managed to make my nemesis the dandelion look wonderful!

  2. Very nice! Love the one with the dandelion color. You would fit in well with the all-natural crowd here in Oregon. :)

  3. your sketches are adorable and I absolutely LOVE how you coloured the first one with actual plant matter!! So cool.


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