Photo of the Week

This week's photo was inspired by my breakfast!  My parents gave me a plethora of grapefruit and I'm still working on them.  Good thing I love grapefruit!

Also, I'm just wondering how you all eat your grapefruit.....  I've tried peeling them like an orange, but it tastes too bitter.  So I still cut them in half and eat them slowly, one segment at a time with a spoon.  Is it weird that I put salt on them too?  Does anyone else do that?


  1. Mmmm! I wish I had a grapefruit! We have lots of good fruit here, but grapefruits are always expensive. Enjoy it!

  2. I cut them in half and put sugar on it and then eat each segment with a spoon. Afterwards I squeeze the juice into a glass and drink it. Yum.


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