Two Happy Surprises

I just love happy surprises and yesterday I got TWO of them from two good friends... who also both happen to have the same first name!  Cool huh?!  I'm so grateful for these friends :) Among other things, they have given me something to blog about since I haven't made anything lately :)

The lemon sugar body scrub and crochet wash cloth come from my talented friend who lives not too far away.  I always need some kind of scrub for my poor rough hands.  I hardly ever wear gloves when I clean (and I'm a little bit of a clean freak) so my hands get trashed.  Thank you for the scrub!

The second gift came straight from Hawaii, where my other friend lives... so jealous! She was my best friend in high school and a talented artist over there with a very cool style.  I feel pretty cool to have some of her artwork :)   Check out her Facebook page HERE!

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