Recycled Painting Cards

Alright, so I went a little crazy with the card making last week.  I went through all my watercolor paintings and took out the ones that I considered to be  "failures".  They just didn't look that great standing alone, but I must say, they do look pretty good as cards :)

My biggest fear in painting, other than it not turning out well, is the fact that I might waste materials.  I am what you may call a cheap-skate.  I hate wasting stuff, especially art materials because I have very limited resources right now.  So it relieves my waste-hating mind when I can recycle paintings that didn't turn out.

These last two come from my Straw Painting experiments.  They weren't "failures"... just experiments that I didn't know what else to do with.   I think I could make more of these!


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm loving your work so much! Very lovely.

  2. Definitely don't look like mistakes. Very classy cards.

  3. These are great...I LOVE the one with the pear!

  4. Love these! I've already done the straw blowing one for myself!

  5. Love your work... all the cards made are unique. Yes i do agree with you thinking about not wasteing any art supplies. I too fear the same way.

  6. I can see why you might consider these failures, even though I'd be proud to display them if they were my work. These cards are a great way to reuse works that you are less than happy with! Have you done something to show how to do the straw painting for us lay folk?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Illy- yes I agree- they do make good cards! I have a tutorial for straw painting here:


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