Trying to find my own style

In case you haven't noticed, I have a bit of what one fellow blogger calls  "Crafters' ADD".  I switch from one genre of craftiness to the next.  I never stick to one thing for too long.

It's the same with art.  I'm always trying new mediums, methods, and styles... like these little drawings I made the other day.  I've seen other artists use this style and I wanted to try it out- it's fun!

There is so much to explore and learn!  I just want to do it all!  But.... I'm coming to realize that if I ever want to be an established artist, at some point I need to develop some sense of a "style".  I feel like I need to have a certain look that others would know me by, but I have no idea how to find that look.  Part of me feels like if I choose one look, that I'll have to stay with that forever and it might get a little boring, or I might lose the enjoyment I get out of making art in the first place.

So, any of you artists or crafters out there.. what are your thoughts?  Do you stick to a certain style or do you switch it up?  How did you find your style?


  1. Honestly I've had that feeling, and I still have that feeling kind of. I've learned that while you try out different mediums and different techniques, you grow as an artist and eventually I think your style will come out and shine on its' own. As for styles though, I mean I feel like they're always changing and evolving, so you don't always have to stick with one...I don't know, I think it's up to you as the artist.
    But I totally understand you!

  2. I am exactly the same when it comes to switching from one thing to the other. I am totally fine with it, though. I get bored doing the same thing all the time, so changing it up keeps me entertained. As for art, I think it's alright to change it up :-)

  3. I really really have 'Crafters Add' I find it very difficult to stick to one particular thing as I love trying new crafts and just want to broaden my range of things. I call it my butterfly mind, flitting from one thing to another. x

  4. Hi. Just to let you know that I've selected you for the Sunshine Award. If you want to join in please see my blog, but there is no obligation to take part. Suzy x


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