Better Late than Never Butterflies

So, I was supposed to make a little something for my mom for her birthday... that was in May.  I am now finally finished with it... I think!  I still have to see how it looks in her bathroom to know if I'm really finished.

watercolor butterfly art

I used my recycled painting paper butterflies.  Aren't they cute?!

Paper Butterflies

And then I painted another little something to go with it.  A coral and green plant to go with my mom's coral and green bathroom.  I love those two colors together (if you haven't noticed already)!


  1. Love coral and green. And coral and teal. And coral and grey. Guess what... I like coral. LOL. Your mom will love it.

  2. Both pieces are beautiful. I'm sure your mom loved her gifts.

  3. Pretty! I can't wait to see them in her bathroom too.

  4. this is beautiful. good use of paper