Watercolored Business Cards

watercolor business cards

So, I haven't sold much from my Etsy shop for the past year it's been open, but I still like to have cards to send with stuff when I do sell something.  So..... I printed out some cards and then splashed some watercolors on them... so fun!

watercolor business cards

The only problem is that I printed the info a bit too small.  People may need to get out their magnifying glasses to read them, but at least they're pretty :)

watercolor business cards


  1. These are beautiful! I am in love with your business cards. :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Was planning to make some business cards..this is a great idea! When I started many years ago, I used to take blank visiting cards and spray some paint on them using blowpens!
    So much fun!!

  3. their fun and unique! I love em
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  4. These are so pretty. My father was a watercolor painter and I love how the colors merge together! What a nice touch!

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    Susan @ Oh My! Creative