A Look at my Sketchbook: Practicing

A wise artist once said (I can't remember who) that you should draw something everyday.  It doesn't matter what it is, just draw something.   I don't come close to drawing every day, but I usually make it at least once a week.  Every bit of practice helps right?

elephant sketch
bird pencil sketch
butterfly bug ink drawing

Do you have something you are practicing at?

Besides drawing, I'm practicing at being a mother.  I'm not always sure when I've got it right, but I get tons of practice anyway!

Growing up it was all about practicing the piano.  I didn't enjoy it too much because it had become a chore.  Now I'd love to have a piano to practice.... funny how your perspective changes over the years.

Leftover Fence Boards = Paradise on my Wall

ocean landscape painting

Lately, I've been doing a lot of this....

It started out with some left over boards from our fence which, with the help of my hubby, some screws, and a power drill, I turned into a panel.  I actually did most of the drilling which is saying a lot given my fear of power tools and lack of technical know-how.

fence board pallett

Then I set to work creating an ocean landscape... a scene to hang in my living room so I could dream about being near such amazing beauty, even though I live in the desert.

ocean landscape painting

After a lot painting, sanding, and repainting I finally got it to be what I wanted... paradise!
ocean landscape painting

Here it is on my wall....

Now all it needs is more ocean decor to go with it!

Photo of the Week

Since I can't seem to get rid of these little buggers all over my lawn, I decided to just take some photos of them.

Seriously though, how do you get rid of dandelions?   We've put weed and feed on several times, which keeps them at bay for a little while, but they always come back.   We eventually want to re-do both our front and back lawns eventually anyway, but still.  I don't like weeds all over my lawn!

Fruit Printing Party

strawberry card

I am endlessly amazed at the creative ideas I come across in blog land.   When I came across the idea for making prints with watercolors and strawberries at The Hello Lucky Blog, I was so excited to try it out!  I would never have thought of this myself... but really... the possibilities are endless!

This blogger made strawberry prints by cutting the strawberries in half, painting some watercolors on them and pressing them to paper.  So cool!  I really got into it and tried a few other fruits to make some fun cards. It was a party!
fruit stamps

My favorite prints by far are the ones from limes... they look like some kind of sea creature!
fruit stamped card
fruit stamped card

Even pears make nice prints!

Pear Card
Pear Card

I have a feeling I will be doing more of these.  There are so many foods to try this out on!

Photo of the Week

Sometimes I just need a peaceful place to walk alone and think.  When life seems overwhelming, walking alone always helps me sort things out.  It gives me space to think, pray and ponder.  I'm so glad I live near a beautiful lake and that I have a husband to watch my son while I walk.  I so needed that walk!  It was wonderful :)

Stripey Crochet Potholders

crochet potholders

I've been working on these little potholders for some time now.  I don't usually crochet much in the summer, but I figured I might as well do something while I was watching the Olympics. 

 So, here you have it... some colorful stripey potholders.  

crochet potholders

If you are wondering about the pattern.... I didn't use one really.  I  just single crocheted rows of 28 until I felt like changing colors.  I made one stripey side and one plain side joined together by single crochet all around.  Maybe one day I'll write an official pattern..... we'll see :)

Two Ways to Make a Snow Cone

kool-aid snow cone

Do you remember those kool-aid ice shavers?  I remember making some pretty tasty snow cones with one when I was kid.  My son and I wanted to try some home-made snow cones, but we didn't have a handy kool-aid shaver.  Do they even make those anymore?

We tried out two different methods and both turned alright, although one was better than the other.  But I'll show you both methods, just in case.

1:  Make up a pitcher of kool-aid.  The snow cones turn out better if the juice is more concentrated than normal.  So we just added a bit less water.

2: Pour the juice in ice cube trays and let it freeze solid.

kool-aid ice cubes

3:  Remove the kool-aid cubes and use either of the two methods below to crush them up.

Blender Method:

This one didn't work as well for us.  Maybe if we had a different blender it would have worked.  But as it is, we ended up with large chunks of ice.  I couldn't get it all chopped up finely.

kool-aid slushie

Hammer Method:

Sounds kinda crazy, but this one actually worked better for us.  Just stick the kool-aid cubes in a plastic bag and whack em' with a hammer.  You can smash the cubes as much as you want and it's fun for kids!

Presto!  Home made snow cones!

kool-aid slushie
kool-aid slushie

Photo of the Week

A photo from my walk yesterday on the river trail.  I can't get enough of summer evenings here.  With the exception of bugs, they are just about perfect :)

A Look at my Sketchbook

Sorry for missing my usual photo of the week this week.  I've been busy potty training my son... and hanging out at the lake.  Sometimes I just need a break from blogging.  Does anyone else get that way?

Here are the sketches I whipped out this morning while relaxing in the sun.  I love that lake!
ink feather drawing

Crochet Baby Slippers

crochet baby slippers

I've been wanting to try out this pattern from Crafty Witch, but haven't had a reason to make baby slippers until I got invited to a baby shower for my cousin.  This pattern was pretty easy to follow and it's free! Gotta love that! 

So check out the Mary Jane Baby Slippers pattern... it's awesome :)

crochet baby slippers