A Look at my Sketchbook: Practicing

A wise artist once said (I can't remember who) that you should draw something everyday.  It doesn't matter what it is, just draw something.   I don't come close to drawing every day, but I usually make it at least once a week.  Every bit of practice helps right?

elephant sketch
bird pencil sketch
butterfly bug ink drawing

Do you have something you are practicing at?

Besides drawing, I'm practicing at being a mother.  I'm not always sure when I've got it right, but I get tons of practice anyway!

Growing up it was all about practicing the piano.  I didn't enjoy it too much because it had become a chore.  Now I'd love to have a piano to practice.... funny how your perspective changes over the years.


  1. Your drawings are beautiful! I haven't drawn much in years, but I recently bought a sketch book, with good intentions. I drew a lot until I graduated from college (many years ago!) Why do we stop doing things we love, I wonder?

  2. I like your elephants! Dad once told me to "do something you love everyday." Drawing is not something I love, but I can certainly see the wisdom and benefit of doing something that makes you happy, even something really simple like drawing, everyday.

  3. don't think you need any more practice! the drawings are lovely, especially the bird.

  4. Really nice!I like your drawings!


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