Playing with Abstracts

Do you ever paint, just for the sake of painting, not really trying to make anything in particular?
 I do that once in a while. It makes me feel like a kid again.  It feels awesome.  Just let go of fears and go for it!

And then I scan the paintings and play around with cropping different sections.  Each little section could be an artwork in itself.  I love it!

I rotated this one and sliced it it half.  These could work as bookmarks... what do you think?

P.S. Happy Halloween!  I know this post is not with the theme of the day, but I had to post it anyway :)


  1. These are great, Elise. I love the colors. I think it's important to just "let yourself go." That's when you're really able to create!

  2. wow, that's awesome. those are sections of the one painting? even more amazing!

  3. I do sit and play with my water color pencils while watching TV. I have never thought of scanning and manipulating the creations. Thanks for the tip!


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