The Beauty of the Hollyhocks

My lovely hollyhock flowers....

I planted them from seed late in the season and didn't expect that any would flower this year, but I got lucky!

And then the wind blew over the one flowering I picked off all the flowers and photographed them.  

Aren't they lovely?!

Good thing I had my white board handy to take the photos.  It's seriously the best photo prop I have.  Just a plain old board I painted white with left over house paint.  It works wonderfully :)


  1. Beautiful photos! Can't beat the old white board trick, it's brill! x

  2. I know nothing of photography so the white board is news to me! will give it a try maybe. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful - isn't all the more enjoyable when you have grown them and nurtured them. Betty

  3. I LOVE Holly Hocks! My grandma had a ton when I was growing up. So many colors, they are one of my favorite flowers. Pretty pictures!


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