What's on my Walls

As an artist I've collected quite a few paintings.  I try to sell what I can, but inevitably I end up with a lot of stuff that needs to be framed and hung up somewhere.  Since frames are expensive, I opted to fix up thrift store frames with some paint.  Yep, I'm cheap that way, but it works!  So here's what I've got up on my walls in my living room....

1. Abstract Floral Paintings-- in Ikea frames which only cost me $1.99 each.. awesome!
2. Modge Podge Canvas--with painted edges... no frame needed :)
3. A Little Piece of Heaven--a beach scene from San Diego in a spray painted thrift store frame.
4.  Easy Watercolor Portraits-- also in painted thrift store frames.

I also painted some white frames for our family photos, just so they would match the rest of the frames.  So there you have it... my newly decorated living room!  It's amazing how much you can save by painting your own thrift store frames.


  1. very creative ..I like your style ! blues are always fresh and crisp and happy to me. and I love birds of all kinds. I also use used frames a lot. on my latest post I have a purple frame I painted to go with the art work for a Christmas card contest event.

  2. Great post, I really like the way you did this. Isn't it wonderful to hang up your own art on your walls!?