Still Painting Bookmarks

I'm really getting into painting bookmarks.  They're so fun!  I love that I can sit in my art room after my son goes to bed, put on some music, and paint whatever comes to mind.  Not all of them turn out, but I'm so happy with the ones that do :)

My last set of bookmarks sold fast (ya, I was super happy about that!), so I decided to list these as well in my shop.  Here they are...

                                               Bookmarks Set 1                                              Bookmarks Set 2

Since I'm staying at home this morning I may as well get some reading done... there's no way I'm going out on Black Friday around here. It's INSANE!


  1. So pretty! I love watercolors, but I'm terrible at them!

  2. Very beautiful. I love watercolor. Greetings from me and the Czech Republic.

  3. Your bookmarks are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Love your blog, love the variety of your creativity and especially your watercolor stuff. Great job. (I have lots of watercolor "fails" that I should do something with). Thanks for the inspiration today!

  5. So pretty! Would make a great gift! I love watercolors :)


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