Photo of the Week

Happy New Years Eve!

It was snowy and cold all week long, so when the sun managed to peek out for a few minutes I got a shot of the ice cycles on my house :)

I'm kind of glad to see the end of this year.  It was a big, busy, and stressful year for us.  We bought our first home and handled the many home-repair projects that came our way.  It was stressful, but also good.  But the reason why I'm the most ready to start a new year is to see if this will finally be the year that I get a handle on the migraines so I can live my life again.  Last year was better for the migraines, but not as good as I had hoped.  I'm now trying to get off medication, (as torturous as it is), to see how I'll do.  So this is to 2013... may it be less full of migraines and more full of fun!


  1. I'm a fellow migraine sufferer. I hope you find relief! Mine are monthly...I've got a few more years to suffer through them.

  2. Lovely photo! I am also happy for a new year to begin!

    My cousin suffers intense migraines several times a month. She is on way too much medication! I hope you find relief in other ways. My aunt says one of the doctors suggested gluten-free, as someone who eats gluten-free, I have to say, it has changed my life! And I wasn't getting migraines, just many other problems! Good luck!


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