A Look at my Sketchbook

 Happy 2013!  I think I'll start off the new year with a few sketches of my favorite little boy.

I hardly ever sketch this kid live. He moves much much too fast.  So I usually sketch from photos.

I love my little boy and I love reading him stories!  I am constantly inspired by the beautiful illustrations in children's books.

These leaf drawings were inspired by a book called Grandpa Green, a really cute book about a gardening grandpa who makes sculptures from bushes in his yard that tell the stories of his life.  The illustrations are amazing!  I may attempt a watercolor along these lines in the future :)


  1. Nice sketching Elise - you ought to do more!!

  2. Holy crow, you are so talented! What wonderful sketches.

    Love 'em!!

  3. Sketching is so awesome. I love art so much. Your drawings are beautiful. Thanks for visiting me.


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