A Few Fun Cards

Here are some cards I've made over the last few months.....
I don't think I'll ever get tired of butterflies or flowers or stamping with watercolors! 

Butterfly Birthday Card

Watercolor Birthday Cards

This one was an experiment with colored pencils.  It's different from what I normally go for, but I like it :)
Watercolor and Pencil Birthday Card


  1. I like that top one with the butterflies, and the bottom one is really interesting. When we go out of our element and try new things is when we learn more and just add more experience.

  2. I might need to go back to just buying cards for our family. Your beautiful, creative cards put mine to shame. Good job!

  3. Beautiful cards! You are very talented. I love your watercolours.

  4. The four of them are so beautiful that I cant tell which one I like more, but..really those butterflies...ohhh I love it♥
    XXOO Olga♥
    El tocador de Cenicienta

  5. i've been wanting to try stamping with watercolors! Just another project to add to my list!

    But I have already tried painting with watercolors and not so good on the actual animal/flower/etc because I think I am so used to acrylics and how I paint (like colorblocking). I enjoyed getting the paper wet and watching the colors spread. Can't wait to keep practicing! Thanks so much for inspiring me :)

  6. Christina,
    Watercolors take lots of practice and getting used to, especially if you're used to painting with acrylics or oils. It's such a different process, much more delicate yet unforgiving. I find that you really have to plan ahead more. It's taken my brain years to really switch over, but it's fun too! Best of luck!

  7. I'd love to feature you in a "Getting to Know You" post. If you are interested, please let me know and I'll email you a set of questions to answer.

    Love your Sea Pennies and Happy March!



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