Animal Silhouette Paintings

Ever since we checked out Have you ever seen a Smack of Jellyfish from the library, I've been wanting to paint more animal silhouettes.  That book is full of beautiful animal silhouette illustrations.  awesome!

Mom and Baby Elephant Watercolor Painting
Bird Silhouette Painting

I didn't have any stencils for these like with my other Stenciled Watercolor Projects, but I found a way to make it work.  I used the same pencil transfer technique that I used in my Watercolor Portraits to trace the outlines of the elephants and bird.  Then I just painted in the lines.  It worked quite well!

Pencil Transfer

I'll have to do more of these.  The Mom and Baby elephant painting sold within a few days of listing it in my Etsy Shop!  It now has a happy home in Virginia.


  1. Those are lovely! I want to try to make one!

  2. Those are so perfect for babies/kids rooms. I bet you could sell a lot of them!

  3. You are very talented !
    Love the colors you used.

  4. I love your animal silhouettes and can't really choose a fave but, perhaps the birdy just wins for me but the elephants are soooo cute! x

  5. Elise- after using that same transfer technique for years I discovered that despite watercolor paper being thick, it is actually very very transparent when you hold it up the light. Just tape your picture/paper to the window and trace away! Love your work by the way :)


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