For the love of birds

After my last bird post,  I decided to go for it and try painting more.  I stocked up on bird books from the library and practiced a few.

Most of them turned out well (at least I think so)! It was fun too!  I had lots of time over the weekend to paint.  So here ya go all you bird lovers out there!

You can see these in my Etsy Shop.

This yellow one is my favorite.  It's a happy bird :)


  1. I love your work! the vibrant color and composition of each of your art work appeals so well to me! :)

  2. I like the yellow one best too. I've always wanted a yellow canary for a pet. Good work!

  3. Gorgeous! My favorite is the blue bird tree swallow.

  4. oooh these are amazing! I'm learning to watercolour at the moment! its so hard but I love how it looks when other people do it!

  5. wow it just looks amazing <3!!


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