Photo of the Week

Last week I took a drive out to the west of the city where there are fewer houses and more open country.  Sometimes I just need to get away and be more in nature to feel closer to God and be grateful for what He has given me, even if I am still in a car.   This was just such an occasion.

My son fell asleep along the way and I stopped a few places to take photos of the small patches of blue sky and sunshine peeking through the clouds.  It struck me that this was a kind of metaphor for my life..........trying to see past the grey clouds to find some light.  There have been many grey clouds (a.k.a. physical pain and trials) in my young adult life, but it helps me so much to it seek out the beauty in life wherever I can.

So thanks for coming along with me on this journey on this blog.  I feel blessed to have friends out there in the world to encourage me in what I love to do..... and to read my ramblings on metaphors for life.  It means a lot to me :)


  1. Pretty! Snow is so rare here that your pictures of it are really beautiful to me. I'm glad you got to get out of the city for a few minutes and I like your metaphor a lot. Thanks for sharing!


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