Photo of the Week

Gummy Bear Heart

Gummy bears anyone?  I was so sick over the weekend that I didn't get out at all and I think I may be going just a little crazy.  I've taken to playing with my food (and eating it of course) to keep me entertained.

I made hearts out of play dough last year so I think I'll start a little tradition here of taking photos of random items shaped into hearts every Valentine's Day. What do you think?


  1. So simple, but so nice! Who knew candy could be that pretty!?

  2. Its cute! That would be an adorable wall hanging in a chils's room or in the kitchen :-). What a cool idea.

  3. Love it! I think hearts made out of random things is a great idea. Just FYI, I copied your water-color and white crayon cards this year. We did robots and race cars for Spencer's preschool class. My robots aren't as cute as yours, but they still turned out pretty cute and Spencer loved helping paint them. I usually have a hard time getting him to do stuff like that, so thanks for the idea! Sorry you've been sick!


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