Photo of the Week

This might seem like a totally random photo to you, but I took it purely because I like the colors.

 I was eating this lovely pink grapefruit on my green plate while wearing a jade colored shirt (and matching nail polish I might add) and for some reason I looked down and thought "those colors look awesome together!"

Call me crazy, but I notice and think about colors A LOT... like which shades look good together and which ones have a nice contrast next to each other.  Jade is one of my favorite colors right now :)


  1. Those pictures do look great together. Thanks for sharing the lovely picture!

  2. Jade is nice and I like it with the "pink" in the grapefruit! Not sure if it is pink or salmon or something between, but nice.

  3. I don't call that crazy. I call that a talent and having an eye for beautiful things!


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