Up-cycled Pink Cardigan

Crochet Flower Cardigan

I bought this pink cardigan at a thrift store probably two years ago.  I've been meaning to do something with it from the beginning but am just finally getting around to it.  I whipped up a few crochet sea pennies and flowers and sewed them on.  They kind of look like miniature doilies to me.  I like em!

Crochet Flower Embellishments

The pattern I used for the flowers come from Little Birdie Secrets and you can check out my tutorial on Crochet Sea Pennies to see how I made those.

Crochet Flower Embellished Cardigan

Nothing makes me feel more girly than wearing pink and crochet at the same time :)


  1. Love this! The embellishment is adorable and the color is perfect. It looks like you bought it this way

  2. This makes me want to learn to crochet! It looks great.

  3. Cute! It looks better on you than just sitting by itself!

  4. Perfect! I'm amazed at how well the color matches.

  5. So, so darling! What a sweet, simple upgrade. Thank you for sharing...I'm so glad to have found your lovely blog!

  6. Love how cute the cardigan is with the flowers! SOOOOO cute! And we love pink too! -The Six Sisters


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