Speckled Blue and Gold Easter Eggs DIY

Speckled Blue and Gold Easter Eggs DIY

Have you ever tried blowing eggs?  I love the idea!  You can save your eggs for a long time that way. It does take some work though.  About half of mine cracked, but luckily I was able to cover that up with a little acrylic paint :)

Here's a quick tutorial on how I decorated my first ever blown eggs!

Blown eggs: washed and dried ( You can find a good tutorial on blowing eggs HERE )
Acrylic craft paints
paint brush and/or foam brush
paint pallet or paper plate
paper towels

Step 1:  On a paper plate or paint pallet, pour small amounts of acrylic craft paint and mix colors to get desired base color.  I used a medium blue, white, and bright green for my base colors.

Step 2:   Using a foam brush, paint the base color(s) over one half of the eggs.  Let dry and then paint the other half and let dry completely.  You can paint one smooth color or blend in other colors to get a more varied look.

Painted Blown Easter Eggs

Step 3:  Lay eggs out on paper towels.  Cover your work area well... this gets messy! Load up a paint brush with the paint color of your choice.  Hold the paint brush in one hand next to the eggs and with a finger, flick the tip of the brush to splatter the paint onto the egg- Jackson Pollock style!

Paint Splatter Easter Eggs

Step 4:  Let each side of the eggs dry before turning them over to flick paint on the other sides.  Then let dry completely.  Your'e done!

Paint Splatter Easter Eggs

For easy Easter Decor, display your speckled eggs in a pretty glass bowl or basket with some greenery!

Painted Easter Eggs
DIY speckled Easter Eggs
Speckled Blue and Gold Easter Eggs Easter Decor


  1. I have never heard of that book, but I think I will check it out. Thanks! I've had migraines ever since I was in a car accident, so it's mostly related to my back muscle problems. I haven't ever been able to link my migraines to any foods, but that book seems like it's worth looking into.

  2. Cool! I'm sure it's worth the effort to blow your eggs if you are going to make them look that nice. Maybe I'll try it this year.

  3. Wow, these are stunning:) thank you for your sweet comment this morning!

    Xoxo Hanna

  4. These are some of the prettiest and creative eggs to pop up in the crafty blogisphere in a while! Absolutely beautiful. And they just HAVE to be a ton of fun!

    Definitely giving this a try! Thank you!

  5. Those eggs are so pretty, I want to make some now. Thanks for sharing.

    Soul Wishes


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