New Prints!

I finally ordered more prints of my work and they are finally here!  
Check out the new Giclee Prints in my Shop.

And in case you've never heard of a giclee print before and you're wondering what the heck that is, here's a little description from

GiclĂ©e prints: Inkjet prints printed from a computer where the image has been stored as a digital file, and is then outputted onto paper or canvas with a high-resolution wide-format printer. The image may have been created on-screen or may have been scanned in to the computer. Giclee prints may be produced on a wide choice of substrate including artist paper and allow the artist/printer great control over the resulting image.

I hope these prints all find happy homes soon :)

P.S.  Colletta's Kitchen Sink is featuring a little get-to-know-you post on me today... awesome!  Head on over there to see the post.

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