Photos of the Week

Last week was pretty good, (with the exception of some sleep problems),  But, the weather was perfect, I got some spring cleaning done, I didn't have a SINGLE migraine ( I can't remember the last time I had a good streak like that)  and I took lots of photos.... hence the photos (plural) of the week :)

Porter and I finally delivered our Love Rocks around the neighborhood.  I still don't know if anyone has found them yet, but it was fun anyway.  Porter loved the fact that we were doing something secret for our neighbors!

Painted Heart Rock

 a shot of my awesome walnut tree....

 my maple tree in bloom...

 And the last one- a close-up of the green coming up in my flower beds.  Most are the bulbs that didn't get picked out last year when we dug up the flower bed (those grape hyacinths are like weeds.. seriously!)  But, it looks like my hollyhocks survived the winter!  Awesome!  They are my favorite flowers :)


  1. Love these pictures, I am willing Spring to hurry up! Those Love heart rocks are adorable!

  2. That is so precious, I love the idea of hiding them around the neighborhood, when they find them, it will be such a happy surprise. Spreading joy, I love it :)


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