10 Nature Projects for Your Home

Is doing a round-up of your own projects allowed?  I use nature in creating art and beautiful things for my home a lot, so I thought I'd share all these ideas in honor of Earth Day!

Here are some Earth Friendly Projects you can try with natural materials you might find right out in your own backyard:

1. Decorative Stones : Use sharpies to draw on stones (or you could use rub-on tattoos if you don't draw) and finish with a coat of modge podge for some fun home decor.

2. Love Rocks:  Draw or paint hearts on rocks and leave around your home or the neighborhood to spread some love.

3. Paper Punched Leaves:  Use paper punches on leaves to make fun cutouts for art or card-making projects.

4. Sharpie Decorated Leaves:  Trace natural outlines on leaves with sharpies to make some leaf art.

5.  Fruit Printing:  Use fruit and watercolors to make fun fruit print cards or art.

6.  Flower Printing:  Use flowers, grass, and other plants to make some fun art.

7.  Pineapple Top Centerpiece:  Save the top of your pineapple for your table centerpiece.

8.  Natural Spring Wreath:  Use vines and acorns to decorate for spring.

9.  Painted Birdhouse Gourds:  Transform ordinary birdhouse gourds into works of art with acrylic paints.

10.  Mini Paper Plate Diorama:  Use leaves, rocks, branches and dirt to make fun dioramas with the kids.


  1. ahhh I LOVE all these ideas!

  2. These are great!
    Who knew that drawings on stones could be so pretty!

  3. The tattoo rocks are my favorite.

  4. visiting from the sugar bee link party...

    i grew a pineapple plant for years from just the top. the leaves grew into long stunning things, but it never produced any fruit! haha!


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