A Look at my Sketchbook: Arrows

I've been doodling a lot in my sketchbook and have tons to catch up on.   I've been  busy creating... my favorite thing to do!

We'll start with my arrow sketches.  My husband says this one reminds him of transformers...haha!  That is not what I had in mind when I drew it, but I have to agree with him..... maybe it's the colors... or the stripes.

And then I drew a much more muted version of arrows.  This may be material for a watercolor painting someday.  We'll see :)


  1. I love seeing your sketches!

  2. So pretty! You make something so simple turn into a work of art!

  3. You are incredibly talented. What beautiful 'doodles'. So pretty.

  4. Suddenly, I am seeing arrows everywhere and yours are great. Also, I like the "transformer" look.


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