Photos of the Week

Happy Earth Day!

I have to do another post with multiple photos this week.  I was having waaaaaay too much fun with my camera and the grape hyacinth's I put in a vase.  They're so pretty close-up and they almost smell like lilacs!

grape hyacinths

These cheer me up every time I see them on my kitchen table.  I've needed it too... we've all been sick... yuck!  And the worst part is that we were hoping to finally take our vacation to CA, which we've been planning and saving for, for like... for-ev-er!   I wasn't sure I would be doing well enough with the migraines to go last weekend anyway, but a part of me was still hoping.  Oh well, we'll make it another time.  We'll just have to quarantine ourselves and be hermits for a while so we don't get sick again.. haha!


  1. Lovely photos Elise! I'm looking forward to seeing the Spring flowers in bloom. I'm in Minnesota, and there is still snow on the ground (and 2 to 6 more inches coming tonight) :( Thank you for sharing, and I'm praying that you feel better real soon.

  2. I can't remember if you mentioned what causes your migraines? I'm so sorry you suffer from them. I do too, and mine are hormonal. I just ordered an essential oils item. I know it seems too good to be true but I don't want to miss something that might help me. I get so tired of taking all the medications. I hope your body is healed!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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