Elephants on the Brain

I've got elephants on the brain... or uh... on the brush, I mean.  These little watercolors are so fun to make and they have sold really well, so I had to make more!    There must be a lot of nursery decorating going on out there and these are perfect for it :)

You can check out my Tutorial for Stenciled Watercolors if you want to make your own.
watercolor elephant
mom and baby elephant painting

And here's a new design.... a little blue bird.  What do you think?  Maybe do this one in different colors?  


  1. They are so cute! Love the bird one x

  2. I. AM. IN. LOVE.
    Those are just amazing. I couldn't stop looking at them... and then the little bird? So adorable. I am running right now to check out your tutorial. Then I suppose I will be running to the store for some watercolor! Clicking to follow... happy Friday! Jules
    Ps thanks for coming over to look at my foot washing station!

  3. I love the bird too! They are all adorable!

  4. Love the elephants! I especially like the one that has an ear where the paint "backwashed"...that was either a happy accident or genius!
    The little bird is adorable...so sweet! Thanks for sharing Elise :)

  5. These are adorable, I'm going to look at your tutorial now. I'm in the process of decorating my daughter's nursery and I wanted a slight African touch to it (long story why) and that elephant would be perfect!!

  6. ooh, I love these! elephants are the best :)

  7. LOVE these elephants... and watercolors... goodness I'm so excited to have come across your blog!!!

  8. Love them all !! :) Thanks for the tutorial, it looks great!


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