Photos of the Week

What's your favorite flower?

I have a hard time choosing between hollyhocks and geraniums.  Luckily I have both planted in my yard at the moment!  The hollyhocks haven't bloomed yet, so I've been enjoying my potted geraniums on my deck.  Never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature.  It's so good for your mind and soul :)


  1. My favorites are daisies and roses. I absolutely love roses, and how they are not only gorgeous but a lot of them smell amazing.
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  2. I'm loving your blog Elise! Daisies are my favorite...just something so fresh and sweet about them. Hollyhocks remind me of my mother. She said that everyone had them in their yards when she was young. I rarely see them now...maybe you could post some photos of yours when they bloom :)
    God Bless!

  3. Love these pictures! I think Hydrangeas might be my favorite because they bloom so long but Pansies are my favorite annual. It's a hard choice because I love them all!

  4. Great pics! favorite flower?. . . hmm . . . I love them all!

  5. Amazing flower photos. My favorite flower is a sunflower!


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